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Diets that use is not worth it

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It is widely known that when it starts to approach the spring , more and more people decided to take back and lose a few extra pounds. There is nothing surprising in this , winter time not for long walks or any other manifestations of physical activity. It has been known also that training is kulturystyka not enough. To this had the desired effects must also be unconditionally change the existing eating habits . For this purpose perfectly suitable diet. It turns out , however, that not all supplements are truly effective and above all safe for our body . Below is a list and description of the diet , the use of which frankly discourage

diet cabbage
This diet at the beginning of its existence, enjoyed enormous popularity that continues to grow. It was believed her miraculous diet with high efficiency. There’s no denying that it has many positive features . Among other things, it is very easy to carry out , above all also cheap. Do not bind also to the need to compromise on many things , we are also forced to compromise on anything. In fact, all products must have special attributes . As the name suggests a diet based primarily on the consumption of this wonderful ( by creators of diet ) vegetables. According to them , the best dish for the entire duration of the diet is a soup , properly prepared , of course, cabbage. As a result, we can eat anything , as long as it was cabbage . The idea is rather poor . Spectacular kulturystyka effects can not worse may affect the combustion excessive muscle tissue. And most importantly , the effect of the lost pounds return with a vengeance is almost guaranteed.

Copenhagen diet
This diet according to the original description of this process of shedding pounds trzynastodniowy with the use of proper diet . According to the assurances of its originators , through strict adherence to the diet , we can achieve even drop 20 kg body weight. It is no wonder that so many women and men decided to try it for yourself. It should however be borne in mind that the daily amount of energy delivered in accordance with the diet , a dozen less than is required. It is not surprising that the use of such a restrictive diet will involve not only the serious shortfalls , the additive person using it will feel weakened during the day. Enduring to the end of the diet is extremely difficult. Unfortunately, at the end of an unpleasant surprise waiting for us in the form of return of lost pounds.

Ana Boot Camp
This diet is considered one of the most extreme in the world. For this reason, it has a fairly low interest. This diet is characterized by significant restrictions which would certainly not be appropriate for everyone. This diet can be freely called the hunger strike , and not just because they lasted up to 50 days. With the methods of this type are mostly used models or young girls who wish to be. Unfortunately, this type of diet can also lead to anorexia.

diet jars
Diet as the name suggests is based only on the consumption of meals for babies. The advantage of this type of course is the fact that they are healthy, and the same meals are not replaced . This diet , however, robs us of the pleasure of eating , because these dishes do not have practically taste. You can not hide that the nutrients that are sufficient for children, certainly not enough for an adult. This diet so can lead to numerous deficiencies . And worst of all , after the diet , waiting for a surprise in the form of a yo -yo

Diet ready meals
Every year , especially during the coming spring , the market there are hundreds of new products designed to improve , accelerate and facilitate the process of weight loss. Some of them, ready meals that require only flooding them with water . They were developed in such a way that they actually provide the body with the necessary ingredients , while a small share of carbohydrates. It is also true that a lot of this kind of soups , owsianek and other food is not as nutritional as nicely describe . Therefore, before we take a take a look at kulturystyka the label.

Dukan Diet
This diet was developed by a highly esteemed and well-liked doctor. Initially, this diet has gained a very wide range of stakeholders. It is worth noting that over time the number of these people gradually wykruszała . Although the diet is not as restrictive as many others of this type, however, during its application will be forced to certain sacrifices. This diet is based primarily on protein products . Unfortunately , such a sudden dose of protein can have a significant impact on liver damage, which will not be able to cope with the amount of this nutrient . What is true in the case of this diet much less we have to deal with recurrent lost pounds, but keep in mind the aspect of health , just as important as everything else .

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