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Why eat dinner ?

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More and more people live in the belief that eating dinner is unhealthy and even eat her it should not. The truth is , however, somewhat different , as you’ll see by reading this article . It turns out that the intake of dinner is also needed not only then, when we are not on a diet. Likewise, it is kulturystyka recommended to eat this meal for the fight against overweight and in everyday life. It turns out that science has found some really compelling reasons to eat this meal is also of great importance.

1 Although many diets or weight loss publications on the topic clearly says that you should not eat dinner , the truth is somewhat different. There really is not any explainable reasons why we should actually give up food intake . As you may already know most of us , losing weight is not restrictive diet, but rather the ability to adjust and balance all meals during the day. What matters is not really balance the calories of the whole day and not a single meal . It is also true that alleged in the evening only and excluded the body stores calories without burning them. On reflection will each come to this that it is a notorious nonsense kilocalories because we need not only to fat deposition , or the more demanding physical activities , but also for normal breathing and many other processes. Dinner is just as important a meal as dinner or breakfast. Therefore, it is not worth it to sacrifice .

2 Food dinner may even help in weight loss ! Perhaps it is somewhat surprising statement but it is true. By regularly eating meals, get used to your body to burn more carbohydrates because of certain gaps in the between them. If you eat a light dinner and lie down with sleep , your body is accustomed to the kulturystyka fact that same day and by night it is possible to step up the metabolism and burning . How, then, is not difficult to guess eating dinner even accelerate weight loss , and it absolutely does not slow down .

3 What causes us food? Well first of all suppression of hunger . This statement is so simple that it seems to be trivial , the truth is the fact that an overwhelming number of people forget about this important and obvious fact . Many people complain of night or late evening hunger pangs . Indeed it is true that it can be a bit tedious. It should however be borne in mind that the reason for this is the wrong nutrition plan . If an usually go to bed about 12 o’clock at night, it’s no wonder that after eating dinner in the evening of 18 feel down. It should match the time of the last meal to our way of life. Let’s eat dinner, then about 20 and certainly not invade us sudden , night craving for something to eat. Optimally is so eating at a maximum of two hours before going to bed .

4 Daily life requires of us a lot of stress thinking , and not seldom the physical labor. This does not mean , however, that if we conduct a sedentary lifestyle or a little to move throughout the day , they do not burn any calories. TO erroneous conviction , because every day , we need an appropriate dose of energy that allows us to retain all the natural processes of life . Speech so here not only about the processes of digestion, but also the transport of blood , breathing and all the others. Without which it would be possible to our functioning . If what causes our body would not have provided all the necessary nutrients your body or run out of energy, these processes are beginning to be slowed down , which also does not have a good effect on our whole body . Then we will feel tired , exhausted on the execution of any work. It turns out also that many of our everyday life , our heart beat faster thus increasing the demand for energy intake . So if the work had a very stressful day , it is normal that we will need more calories . It should also be noted that there is nothing as good as the dream is not a cure . Regeneration of our body runs mostly kulturystyka just during sleep. However, sleep was calm and the body could regenerate during its duration is necessary to provide him the nutrients that make it possible.

So I can see, the resignation of the last meal daily , which is the dinner is not too wise . Ingestion dinner entails much more positive aspects than negative too . Of course, keep in mind a few rules , such as the need to eat dinner at least two hours before bedtime. If you adapt to these principles , eating dinner, we will be more likely to cause in us the positive effects than negative. Of course, we should also know that dinner should not be a burger or pizza . For this purpose, while well suited porridge

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